Avoid Being Hated by Your Uber Driver, Part 1 with Myk O’Connor: Episode 50


Avoid being hated by your uber driver

Show Notes

Yay!!!! We made it to our 50th episode! Go us! 

Last week Toni & Liz gave their perspective on using ride share companies to get around. This week they talk with Myk O’Connor, a driver for the ride share company Fasten and host of the Can I Get a Ride podcast to get another perspective.

You’ll need to take a listen as Myk shares one experience that left Toni speechless.

Take Aways:

  1. Don’t send drunk friends home alone! This is both dangerous for your friend and the driver!
  2. You can sit in the front or the back, it’s your choice.
  3. When you are inside the car, remember to use your inside voices.
  4. Remember to tip! Uber allows in app tipping, so make sure you share the love (and the money) with your driver.

About Myk:

Myk drives for the ride share company Fasten and is the host of the Can I Get a Ride podcast. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and the web.

About The Liz & Toni:

Liz and Toni are passionate about helping people be kind to one another on all occasions (except when the Hurricanes play the Seminoles). Join them by subscribing to Avoid Being Hated’s email list, and on iTunes.  They would appreciate an honest review.

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Audio post production by Lord Saunders
Music: Actionable – Bensound

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