Avoid Being Hated by the ER Nurse, Part 1: Episode 47


Show Notes:

What really constitutes an emergency?  Does anyone really like needles and shots?  Do I need to clarify that I do not like shots or needles?  Meet our friend Guire.  He is the ER nurse we all hope to get when we have to visit the ER!  …and, let’s be serious, we’ve all been there!  Today, we chat all things ER.

Take Aways:

  1.  Stick with the 1-10 scale.  Don’t tell the nurse it’s a 12…it doesn’t help.
  2. Triage is an algorithm of 1-5 emergencies.  You are being skipped for a reason…someone else’s emergency is more ….um, urgent!
  3. Think of our medical system as one of finite resources.  If you are there for a scrape you will be using a resource that someone else, in more urgent need may need.

About Guire:

Guire McGuire started his healthcare career as a certified nurse’s assistant.  After a short time working as a CNA he went on to become a licensed practical nurse and then a registered nurse.  Guire has worked in urgent care, neurology, and emergency departments.  He loves people and his career and is still growing and learning every day in the challenging theater of medicine.

Guire is co-host of an arts, music, and culture podcast called Olympia Pop Rocks. OPR focuses and the creative people and happenings in Washington state’s capital of Olympia.  Check it out at olympiapoprocks.com

About The Liz & Toni:

Liz and Toni are passionate about helping people be kind to one another on all occasions (except when the Hurricanes play the Seminoles). Join them by subscribing to Avoid Being Hated’s email list, and on iTunes.  They would appreciate an honest review.


Audio post production by Lord Saunders
Music: Actionable – Bensound

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