Avoid Being Hated by Your Accountant: Episode 22

Show Notes:

Eric Nisall joins Liz and Toni to discuss all the ways we annoy our accountants….okay, we did try to avoid being hated while doing the interview so we didn’t bring up all the things we do for our accountants.  Eric brings a voice of reason to the accounting conversation we we talked about deductions and timelines.

Take Aways:

  1. Ask questions when hiring a new accountant. Interview them and find someone who specializes in your area.  Not every accountant is an expert in every area.
  2. Make sure the preparer form is attached and they are signing the tax return so they are accountable for their work.
  3. Ask how they are getting paid. Going to places with high volume and general services may mean that you miss out on more specialized deductions.
  4. The more organized your records, the less you spend.  There is a direct correlation.
  5. Pay your accountant on time.
  6. Do NOT call the day after submitting your paperwork to ask if the return is done.

About Eric:

After working in public accounting for almost two decades, Eric J. Nisall founded AccountLancer in November 2014. A blogger himself since 2009, he decided to turn his attention to a group he knows quite well: the blogging and freelance community .

 Not only serving as an accountant and tax preparer for many members of the blogging community, he also is a go-to expert source for many freelance writers. His advice has appeared on sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, GoBankingRates, The Penny Hoarder, and more.

He’ll also talk for hours on end about hockey, music and food too, not just business!



About Liz and Toni:

Liz and Toni are passionate about helping people be kind to one another on all occasions. Join them by subscribing to Avoid Being Hated’s email list, and on iTunes.  They would appreciate an honest review.


Audio post production by Lord Saunders
Music: Actionable – Bensound

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